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Saturday, June 13, 2009

1 COR. 15:17

1Cor 15:17 "And if Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins!"

Paul was willing to hang the entire Christian faith upon the resurrection, and indeed our faith does depend on it. The implications are huge. If Jesus did rise from the dead, then everything He said and believed is substantiated. If He did not rise from the dead than Christianity is nothing more than a fairytale.
Have you ever noticed how far fetched some of the theories are that try to disprove or discredit the resurrection? The swoon theory....Jesus didn't die, He swooned, passed out on the cross..He then was embalmed with 100 lbs of wrapping and ointment, placed in the tomb, and laid there for three days....Then woke up - somehow unwrapped Himself - somehow rolled the stone away - somehow got passed the guards - and somehow convinced His disciples He had risen from the dead when in reality He would have been a beaten bloody mess....ok, is anyone else having a hard time swallowing this? Or how about the stolen body theory? Jesus did die, but His disciples stole His body, unable to deal with the fact that their messiah was dead....now a strong argument could be made as to just how impractical and improbable it was that the disciples could have even pulled off such a heist, but that's not the strongest argument. The stronger argument is that the disciples were all persecuted and martyred for their faith. It was recorded that before Peter was executed by crucifiction that first he watched as his wife was crucified. And your going to tell me Peter stole the body of Jesus? Made the whole thing up? And then faced with not only his own gruesome death but that of his wife's refused to admit it was a lie? Does that make any sense? Or does it make a lot more sense to believe that Peter was convinced Jesus had risen.....he had seen him with his own eyes, walked and talked with Him after the resurrection.
Many of these theories are so ridiculous because of these historical facts. There really was a Jesus of Nazareth. His teaching is well documented and reported. His miracles are even reported of by secular historians. He really was crucified on a cross. He was placed in a guarded tomb. 3 days later His body was missing, and his disciples were claiming He had risen from the dead. And finally His disciples all went to death refusing to deny the resurrection. When you acknowledge those historical facts it makes any argument you come up with sound really stupid.
Here we are a few thousand years later and no real new arguments can be made against it. I think it was dan brown who tried profit from supposedly discovering "the lost tomb of Jesus." He "discovered" the tomb of Jesus as well as His wife and children's tombs. But he forgot to mention that gravesite was discovered 30 years ago, and at the time was ruled out (by a archeologist that was not a Christian) as being the Jesus of the Bible.
Jesus is risen, I'm betting my life on it. Now sure Constantine repackaged a Babylonian celebration and called it Easter, which of course is where we get the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. But the resurrection of Jesus Christ is worth celebrating, and it did happen 3 days after Passover.

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